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Honey (Inu/Sess)

Title: Honey
Author: AylaRouge
Pairing:Inuyasha/It's a surprise! (LOL not really)
Rated: Adult+
Genre: AU?
Warning: Voyeurism but not really, but voyeurism
Words: 566 (sorry, couldn't be helped!)

Summary: Inuyasha just had to follow the sweet smell, didn't he?

A.N: This was writing back in 2008. Being new and all, I giving you all this to read. I don't know if I'm going to write something after this, but we'll see. Not beta so grammar and spelling mistakes. Written for the commuity  iy_boyslove .


It was the smell that drew Inuyasha. He was too young to know what the sounds were but the smell, well, every kid likes sweet smelling things right? I mean if I was eating chocolate, and no I am not eating chocolate so don’t even ask for some, and a little kid walks by and they smell the chocolate they’ll start to annoy me into giving it to them, right? So Inuyasha had no choice but to go find the sweet smelling scent. That and because Inuyasha was a curious little boy.

So Inuyasha went off in search of The Smell, yes with a capital ‘T’, and found himself standing behind some bushes looking at most sexual scene he had ever seen. It was big, it was hard, it was wet, and it smelt like honey. It was such a beautiful cock and it made Inuaysha’s mouth water.

Inuyasha couldn’t take his eyes off of the shiny purple head winking in and out of the mans hand, the foreskin rolling back when it caught itself on his knuckles. Pre-come was dripping from the crown onto the ground were a small pool was forming. Inuyasha gulped as his eyes watched a white tear slowly fall and his breathing started to pant.

Well right now I thinking you would be wondering why Inuyasha is having this kind of reaction right? Ok you see it not that it was a cock that got Inuyasha panting, but the sweet smell that was coming from said cock. It smelt like honey, remember?

The man groan and his other hand came into view, blocking Inuyasha from seeing the sweet smelling cock. He almost growled at the stupid hand until it settles itself on the little round spheres under the cock. Inuyasha’s eyes widen as the man groan louder and tighten his hand on his cock. The penis looked angry to Inuyasha, all purple and weeping. It made him wants to go to the man and kiss it better. That’s what Inuyasha’s mother use to do when he was hurt and boy did the mans penis look swollen!

The mans hand on his spheres tighten and the thumb of the hand on his cock flicked at the head, pushing a bit at slit. Inuyasha’s legs gave out around the time the man let go of his spheres and use both hands on his cock, moving up and down. The mans panting became harder and his hands moved faster, his thumb flicking at the head again and again. The muscles in his thighs started to twitch until everything stopped. Then white started to come out of the mans slit, and his hand slowly started to rub his penis as more white came. Once the white stop coming the man got up, clean off his hand and dressed. In less then a minute the man was walking away, leaving before his spent come and Inuyasha.

Inuyasha slowly got up from the ground and walked over to the come. Something happen here that he couldn’t understand. He knew about masturbation, every kid with a penis knew about that, but didn’t that have to stay behind close doors, only to be done by a man and his wife? Why than did that man do it here, out in the open? Why did it smell so good? And most of all, why did the man look like Inuyasha?

Tags: fanfiction, inucest, inusess
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