dawnchase (dawnchase) wrote in inucest_fans,


I read a fanfic on fanfiction.net that has disappeared. I believe it was called To Mend A Brokenheart, and Inuyasha gets pregnant in it. I remember that for some reason Sesshomaru has to bring Inuyasha back to the palace, and Sesshomaru goes to retrieve him on his human night. That night Inuyasha is also attacked by some type of Yokai and is poisoned.

There's also another fic where Inuyasha is left alone years after the battle with Naraku, and someone attempts to mate him, but Sesshomaru gets there just in time. The guy who tries to mate Inuyasha goes to the court to convince the council that he mated with Inuyasha, but Sesshomaru gets Inuyasha pregnant during the time that they are attending the council meeting.
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